Online Dating Profile Tips

Online DatingWondering about trying online dating but unsure where to start with your online dating profile?

Do you keep changing your online dating profile, trying to get it perfect?

Or, have you been using online dating but not getting the responses or results you want?

It all starts with your user name, headline and profile.

I am here to tell you it is not so frightening or difficult…take a deep breath…clear your mind…and think positively!

I want you to have fun with this…after all, you are sharing a bit about you so that your perfect suitors will be attracted to you through your profile!

Helpful secrets about writing a rocking hot online dating profile

Remember, the goal of your profile is to attract a like minded suitor to read your online dating profile and take action to contact you.

    1. Have Fun….
    2. What are some of your positive attributes?
    3. What are some of your favorite past-times or hobbies?
    4. Use that information to help you come up with your unique username/handle.  For example, suppose you love football. Your username could be something like Punt123, Your headline could be: “You Can be my Quarterback”, or even, “The game is good, but half-time’s are better shared together!”

When you write your online dating profile, you must think like the person who you want to read it!  Yes, You have to KNOW the person you want to attract.  Write as though you are speaking to your future spouse!

After all, you are speaking to him/her.

Instead of: “I like to watch football and the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team”, you could write: “I’d like to spend a Sunday afternoon cheering our favorite football team with you!” Now, you’re connecting with your reader (your future spouse) and they instantly start visualizing doing the things you are interested in with you!

It makes it easier for your match to contact you because you have already started a conversation with them!

Let’s continue on with this example demonstrating how it makes it easier for someone to have a conversation with you.  When someone contacts you and says, “Hey, I loved your profile. I enjoy Sunday football, too. What’s your favorite team? Mine’s the Panthers, but they’ve been lousy lately, I would like a change of pace. Do you ever go to live football events to watch whether your team is playing or not?”

Now – take a look at some lousy initial email examples I have come across online:

Hi (person’s screen name), I found your online profile interesting. I saw you are hard working and have goals. I was wondering what some of your goals are?  Would you share them with me (my name)? Thanks a lot!

My Critique:

No need to say “I saw your profile online” as that is so obvious.  Leave out fluff like this and put in real content – write it like you would say it out loud to someone in person.

What does interesting mean?  That’s so non-specific and boring.  Instead compliment the person and not their profile.  What was interesting about this person – write about that!

Goals – share with me?   You don’t need permission for others to share with you.  Instead say I’d love to hear more about the goals you mentioned – especially places you have traveled to and those that are still on your list. I love traveling too!

***you get the point, this is an uninteresting, boring, and weak email – it screams, I am afraid and need permission to communicate with you.

Lastly, put some light and fun into your email and profile to show that you like to have fun.  Something that is quirky and part of your personality is great.  e.g. Wondering if you are an anchovy or pineapple on pizza lover!

It is so much easier to write your profile when you think of the ideal person who will be reading it!

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  1. Astrid Rizzi

    I had a very unpleasant experience online. Fell very much in love with someone who seemed to be my soul mate..everything in common. I was avwidow for seven years and when he came from abroad, after three months on internet, I was ready to marry him. After six years I realized hevwas avsociopath and got divorced. Thatvwas four years ago and internet relationships scare me today…thank you

  2. Hi Astrid, I am sorry that you had such an unpleasant on line experience. I think there are many cautions that come into play when dating on the internet where we must take our time, learn more about the person over a longer period of time, perhaps even living near each other so you can learn and experience even more about who they are and how they show up in the world before committing to marriage or to being in a relationship with them. I completely understand that internet relationships scare you after that experience.

    The Internet is a medium to meet people and to connect with people; however, that does not make the connection a relationship. It is not a relationship until people connect in person, face to face, get to know each other in person and then agree to be in a relationship. Otherwise, it is simply an internet connection – I don’t call it a relationship until people get together and have the face 2 face contact time over a longer period of time and are able to discern whether or not they want to be mutually exclusive and decide together on what their relationship looks like.

    Thank you for sharing your story here! It is my desire that other singles take heed and in turn practice patience and intelligence when choosing their mate.

    Please let me know how you are doing…

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