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Magic Monday – 3 Ways to Happiness

3 Ways to Happiness Plus the Happiness Formula eBook Offer Step 1 Start saying NO to things that are unfulfilling, that don’t feel good, or are not respectful of who you are and your way of being. Step 2 Do things that bring you joy.  Do your best to be joyful with the things you can’t say no to that are a necessary in your life, until you can either have someone Continue Reading

Tips for Dealing with a Nagging Person

Nagging…or being a NAGAVATOR as a dear friend calls it, has got to be the most ineffective and energy draining method to get what we want. So, why does Nagging happen? I have observed hundreds of women as well as men use nagging in their relationships. In every instance the nagging does not produce the results the nagger is really wanting. Nagging is simply a way Continue Reading

What’s Love & Commitment?

What is love?  What is Commitment?  What is forever? Is Love Forever?  Is Commitment Forever?   More often than not, we ASSUME our relationships are forever and that commitment too is forever.  Commitment is about making an agreement with a time component and details about what you are agreeing to… Furthermore, agreements do change and can be renegotiated or even exited.  We collapse the words love, Continue Reading

Expressing Love

Expressing Love can be Simple and Done in 15 Minutes Per Day Resulting in Unprecedented Amounts of Love, Respect, and Support in Return But FIRST YOU MUST GIVE GENEROUSLY, CONSISTENTLY, and DAILY By Expressing Love These 8 things for expressing love, done with discipline daily, will result in the success of your relationship over the long term.  Many couples I work with to save their relationship Continue Reading

Healthy Marriage Audit

Could you imagine asking your wife to conduct an audit on your marriage based on marital advice you received from a study conducted by a Ph.D.? Them are fighting words, right! Is Eli J Finkel, a psychology professor from Northwestern University, Illinois, insane? In a recent study, he encourages couples to audit their arguments, regularly. I share my opinion on marriage audits in this interview:…be sure Continue Reading

Relationship Success Solution Helps Singles and Couples

Charlotte, NC  – It seems harder than ever for singles to find lasting love these days, and the staggering divorce rate shows that too many couples give up because they don’t have the right tools. A new methodology from relationship and dating expert Dr. Darshana Hawks called the Love Consciousness Elevator helps singles and couples better understand what’s really going in with their relationships, and begin to Continue Reading

Just Be Yourself Advice is Not Helpful

Just Be Yourself Advice is as Useful as Nipples on a Male Lately, I’ve been hearing the words ‘Just Be Yourself’ as helpful friends tell each other how to handle a date, or a difficult meeting, or some other scenario. How many times have you received a Facebook note of inspiration telling you to Be Yourself? I get at least one a day, okay, so I Continue Reading