Is Change Good or Bad or Both?

When change is so rampant in the world we live in, it’s important to take pause and answer the question Is change good or bad or both? IT DEPENDS See my quote below If you feel like you are being changed, whether it is in you job or personal life, then you can be at choice.  You can wait to see what happens and if you Continue Reading

6 Steps to Making Change Easier

CHANGE is EVERYWHERE It can be within our control, or made by and with our choice, but more often than not we feel that Change is Done To Us…We see that we cannot influence or change the change…And it can suck big time as we experience it, directly or indirectly. I’ve recently learned about change from a human perspective and approach.  The bottom line is people Continue Reading

3 Approaches to Change

CHANGE IS HARD IF YOU THINK YOU DON’T HAVE A SAY IN IT OR A WAY IN OR OUT   There is always a way or several ways to move through the change.   Know that you have choices, even when you feel you don’t.  Give the situation time, be patient, do things that bring you joy…while you wait for clarity to arrive.  You may have Continue Reading

Tips on How to Receive Love, Not Push It Away

Are You Disconnected from Allowing Love to Show Up for You? Do You Receive Love or Push It Away? Here is a guide to help you determine which behaviors or actions you are taking that Contribute to your capacity to either receive love or push it away. Learn more strategies with my 3 Tools to help you with managing your emotions I also have included 3 Ways Continue Reading

The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have!

The relationship you have with YOURSELF is in fact The most important relationship you will ever have! Lately, I’ve been working to surround myself with people who genuinely appreciate me and help me see myself for my many positive qualities and attributes. It’s all a part of learning to love myself and clearing my head for positive thinking. Once I realized how powerful my thoughts are, I Continue Reading